LED Flood Light Golf Courses

APACK's specially designed unique lenses are adopted
to realize optimal illumination

LED Horticulture Lighting Plant Factories

Provides lighting that realizes spectrum
specialized for promoting plant growth and improving plant quality

Smart Farm System Smart Farming

Cultivation rack - Nutrient solution and Reprocessing - Water culture - Duct system
Hybrid control system for supplying lighting by variety and cultivation step

LED Street Lighting Road Facilities

Streetlights on the highway and crosswalk minimize glare for drivers and
provide safety as security lights in dark night streets

Solar System PV cleaner

It can be washed up to 6m at a time.
Application of Motor drive mechanism and Object detection sensors
Ensure energy yield increases by using only a minimum amount of water.

Meet our products applied with APACK's specialized
lighting technology

APACK's products are sturdy and unique based on an extensive experience.


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