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Category Specifications
Model SP-16
Type Evacuated Tubular Solar Collector
Mode CPC Type
Solar collector tubes 16 tubes
Collector area(㎡) 3.02
Dimensions (L x W x H)㎜ 1990 x 1516 x134
Water capacity(ℓ) 2.5
Weight(㎏) 63
Weight filled with water to top level(㎏) 65.5
Water inlet of tube 15㎜
Hot water outlet diameter 15㎜
Water pressure inspection pressure(㎏/㎠) 7㎏/㎠
Material Absorber plate Selctive coating surface(α≤95%, ε≥5%)
Glass tube Borosilicate glass
- out diameter 58㎜, thickness 1.58㎜
- Inter diameter 47㎜, thickness 1.6㎜
Insulation Collector Vacuum insulation
Manifold Urethane foam
Housing Aluminum
Water inlet/hot water outlet Brass

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